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Wage & Hour Tip of the Month

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September 2015
Employers Cannot Pay Employees With Stock or Equity In Lieu of Cash

July 2015
Paid Sick Leave Law Creates New Employer Obligations for Intermittent, Temporary and Seasonal Workers, Including Interns

April 2015
Implement a Payroll Deductions Policy to Take Advantage of the FLSA “Safe Harbor”

March 2015
Employers Should Maintain and Enforce Overtime Policies


September 2014
Employers Face Wage & Hour Risks When Terminating Employees

July 2014
Massachusetts' Minimum Wage Set to Increase

April 2014
Will Your Interns Sue You for Unpaid Wages?

March 2014
Are Your Commissioned Sales Employees Entitled to Minimum Wage and Overtime?

February 2014
Can you deduct from an Employee’s Pay for a Snow Day?


November 2013
Where and For How Long Should Employers Keep Wage Records?

October 2013
Employee Recordkeeping Requirements Under Federal and Massachusetts Wage Laws: Which Records Should Employers Keep?

July 2013
Extra Payments Do Not Jeopardize an Employee’s Status as "Paid on a Salary Basis"

June 2013
What Does Paid on a "Salary Basis" Mean?

May 2013
Massachusetts Employers Must Promptly Pay Departing Employees “Final Wages”

April 2013
Massachusetts Employers Must Provide Employees Meal Breaks

March 2013
Student Internships Wage and Hour Risks for Employers

February 2013
Understanding the Frequency of Payment Rules

January 2013
Caution: "Administrative Assistants" Only Rarely Are Exempt from Overtime


December 2012
What Is a Legal Holiday in Massachusetts?

November 2012
Holiday Pay

October 2012
Certain Bonuses Must Be Included When Calculating Overtime Pay

September 2012
How Much of an Employee’s Time on a Business Trip is Compensable?

August 2012
When Must Employers Pay for Employee Travel Time? (Part 2 - Overnight Travel)

July 2012
When Must Employers Pay for Employee Travel Time? (Part 1)

June 2012
Salaried Does Not Necessarily Mean Exempt From Overtime

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