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Emmy award-winning iZotope provides audio processing software that allows record producers, artists, and sound engineers to filter out imperfections in sound or to add effects.

From MIT to the Emmy Awards with iZotope

iZotope, an audio processing software company, has won many awards, including an Emmy, for its innovations; record producers, artists, and sound engineers use the software to filter out imperfections in sound or to add effects. An iZotope co-founder, who attended MIT to pursue a dual interest in music and computers, happened to be a neighbor of a Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton partner, and called us to support developing and negotiating legal agreements that helped grow the business by expanding their product distribution worldwide and by licensing their IP into new markets.

Initially, MBBP advised iZotope on contracts and employment law issues, but as the company continued to grow, we found ourselves handling their general corporate work as well. Soon, iZotope reached a turning point in its evolution with some growth opportunities they wanted to pursue. As a result, MBBP performed substantial and complex private equity work, helping the company raise capital and strengthening their position in the marketplace.

iZotope has grown impressively from a handful of founders to a company employing over 100 people. As an integral part of their team, we have been gratified to help guide the company through the initial stages of their business life cycle, leading to its solid and steady growth.

Laurie J. Macdonald
Director of Public Relations
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